Citizen Charter

Estate officers under single window system would extend following facilities within the given time frame:

S.No.Kind of ServicesTime limit (working Days)
1.Permission To sell after conveyance deed15
2.Permission to transefer the plot/house/ commercial site15
3.i. Issue of conveyance deed

ii. Issue of no due certificate07
iii. Issue of copies of documents0505
4.Change of ownership letter after sale deed05
5.i. Change of ownership as a consequence of death of owner of site/house/plot (Registered Will)45
ii. Change of ownership as a consequence of death of owner of site/house/plot (Un-registered Will)45
iii. Change of ownership as a consequence of death of owner of site/house/plot (On production of Legal Heir Certificate)10
6Permission to mortgage10
7.Sanction of building plans
i. Plots size below 500 Sq. Yards30
ii. Plots size above 500 Sq. Yards60
8.Certificate of Registration as an Estate Agent05
9.Certificate of Registration as a Promoter05
10.Sanction of Sewerage Connection05
11.Permission to occupy the building/ Completion Certificate15
12.NOC/Allotment/ Copy of Re-allotment letter21
13.Transfer of letter of intent20
14.Permitting professional consultancy services05

* incase of non-compliance, please meet concerned EO or ACAs on the appointed day i.e. every Monday of the Week.

** for detail please refer to detailed brochures on the subject
In case of transfer of property or transfer of ownership on the basis of GPA or registered/un-registered Will, time period shall be 45 days.


1.Plot up to 10-MRs 1000/-
2.from 10-M t0 16-MRS 2500/-
3.Above 16-MRS 5000/-
4.Group HousingRS 1000/ Flat/DU
5.Boundary wall onlyRS 1000/ Acre or part thereof


i.BoothsRS 2500/-
ii.Single Story ShopRS 5000/-
iii.SCO/SCFRS 20,000/-
iv.Individual Site, Multiples@RS 25,000/ Acre or part thereof
v.Boundary wall only@ RS 1000/-do-


i.Govt. offices/ Govt. aided Educational Charitable & Religious institutions@ RS 10000/--do-
iii.Boundary wall@ RS 1000/--do-
iv.Other offices/ institutions/ Educational Non Charitable Institutions@RS 25,000/ Acre or part thereof
v.Boundary wall@ RS 1000/-do-

1) This amount is refundable on taking completion certificate from PUDA.

2) No security would be required to be deposited in case of institutions where land allotted so free of cost.
a) In case of fresh plans:-

I ) @ RS 2.50 per sq. ft. of total covered area for residential use

II) @ RS 5/ sq. ft. of total covered area for other uses.

III) Construction of boundary wall @ 2.50 / running feet for all buildings excluding residential plots up to 2 kanal category specified in (I) above RS 5/ running feet for buildings mentioned in (II) above.

(b) In case of revised/ Superseded plans, the fee charged shall be 50% (half) of the rate to be charged for fresh plans for such category of plots as mention in (I),(II)&(III) above.

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