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PDA Patiala telephone directory contains numbers of all the office bearers.

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Designation /Branch Name of the Officer Phone No. Extension No.
ACA Sh. Harpreet Singh Sudan5030686 5586
P.A. to A.C.A. Sh. Devinder Singh 5030685 5585
A.D.O Sh. Amarjit Singh 5020526 5577
A.O.-1 vacant 5020560 5593
A.O.-2 Sh. Ajay Mittal5020562 5598
A.O. Branch Smt. Seema Jain 5020561 5569
L.O.-1 Vacant 5020535 5582 & 7535
L.O.-2 Sh. Abhijeet Kumar 5020546 5595
L.O.-3 vacant 5020542 5562
Supdt. (Branch) Smt. Jaspal Kaur 5020537 5575
S.O.(Payment) Prem Kumar Chopra 5020549 7549
PatwariJaswinder Singh Patwari 5020547 7547
Circle Office
S.E. Sh. Parmjit Goyal 5030697 5597
Supdt.Smt. Kulwant Kaur 5020527 5591
Supdt. (Branch) Smt.Seema sharma 5020534 5573
C.H.D Sh. Baljinder Singh5020557 5589
Estate Office
5020555 5587 & 7555
A.E.O.Sh. Jai Pal Gupta50205425562
Supdt.vacant50205315566 & 7531
Allotment Branch Sh. Vikas Gupta5030668 5568
Account BranchSmt. Virpal kaur5030667 5667
A.S.M Sh. Gurpreet Singh50205297529
S.D.E.(Building)Sh. Rupinder Singh50205285578
J.E. RoomSh. Nirmal Singh50205445565
Single Window Sh. Attar Singh50306795579
CanteenSh. Sohan Lal50305565556
Civil Division
D.E.(Civil) Sh. Ajay Kumar Garg22851045560
Supdt. BranchSh. Saudagar Singh50205435552
D.H.DSh. Labh singh50205535559
S.D.E. (Civil)Sh. Surjit Singh5020552 5583
S.D.E. (Civil)Sh. Ajay Kumar Garg50205565563
S.D.E. (Hort.) Sh. Balwinder Singh50205485555
S.O.Smt. Seema Jain5020536 5553
Public Health Division
D.E. (P/H)Sh. D.C.Bansal50205517551
Supdt. Division Sh. Rajesh kumar50205635571
Supdt. (Regulatory)Smt. Ravinder Kaur50205835282
Accounts BranchSh. Sukhdev Singh50205505574
D.H.DSh. Vicky50205405572
S.D.E (P/H)Sh. Amrit Pal Singh50205257525
S.D.E (P/H)vacant 50205305570
Bill Collection (S/W) 5030679Sh. Bakhshish Singh5579
Electrical Division
D.E. (Elec.)Sh.D.K. Jindal5020558 5590
Supdt. (Branch)Sh. Vashir Khan50205325564
S.O. (W)vacant50205595584
D.H.DSh. Labh Singh50205385561
S.D.E. (Elec.)
J.E. (Elec.)Sh. Jasjit Singh50205645558
Regulatory Branch
S.T.PSmt. Mandeep kaur 50205417541
A.T.PSh. Sanjay Kumar50205455281
A.T.P Sh. Chanan Ram50205335576
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